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Flared trousers are timeless clothes that have found their adherents in every era. In particular, the white bell-bottom pants are the favorite of many hipsters. Put on the white bell bottoms the whole person's figure will turn tall, and the whole person's temperament will appear to mention other clean. But white bell-bottoms are best worn with the right top. So what kind of top should you wear with white bell-bottom pants?

1, white bell bottoms + leather clothes

This year qiu dong is most popular long money leather garment, the temperature that gives attention to both things you and grace, powerful gas field is blocked also cannot be blocked, pardonable show lens rate is extremely high. Pair it with a skirt, and it will detract from the look, so most streetwalkers will opt for pants, but a pair of white bell-bottom pants will give you a retro feel.

In recent years, wide-leg pants have been replaced by bell-bottom pants. Short leather coats are paired with white bell-bottom pants, which instantly elongate the leg proportion and show the perfect figure.

2. White bell-bottom pants + woolen coat

How can autumn winter season get woolen coat less, this "men and women eat all" coat, keep warm for you not only keep cold, still won't let you look overworked! Make temperament while, tie-in a white bell bottoms, let the scenery of your leg also cannot hide.

The woolen coat of short money, although do not have long money to have gas field so, but much a few minutes nifty smell, still can make perfect figure for you, put on a pair of high-heeled shoes, demeanor does not lose to long money woolen coat a bit.

3. White bell bottoms and fur

When it comes to winter coats that keep you warm and slim, there's another one that's even worse than the peacoat. That is -- a fur body, with the cold effect of fur, and the perfect outline of the coat, and with handsome style. Pair it with white bell-bottom pants for a modern look.

4. White bell-bottom pants + suit

Do you remember the velvet suit that I introduced earlier? Many suits this year have chosen bell-bottom pants! That's because, in addition to being stylish, bell-bottoms can break the seriousness and formality of a suit, allowing you to be in the workplace and still be in style!

5. White bell-bottom pants and shirt

Pair a shirt with white bell-bottom pants, both on the outside and as a pair of interior, can help you increase the stylish index! In addition, the shirt on the upper body is tied in the pants, and the high waist is worn to create long legs for you, so the powerful woman air field. If the shirt is down, and can create this year's most popular casual style oh.Read more at:unique formal dresses | long evening dresses australia


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