What can be used instead of cosmetic cotton pads

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Now women make up has been commonplace, for make up they can be handy, but may be in some time is some doubts. What can be used instead of cosmetic cotton pads? Cosmetic cotton is better thin or thick? How to choose cosmetic cotton? Don't worry, take a look at the following article content introduction to understand it.

What can be used instead of cosmetic cotton pads

What should I do when I am making up when I find that my cotton pad is gone? In fact, there is no need to worry, cosmetic cotton can use a towel with high softness, sponge. Because you can use your hands with toner, it is best not to use paper towels, because paper towels are relatively rough, and cotton is relatively soft compared to the skin, so it is not recommended to use paper towels instead.

How to choose cosmetic cotton

Cosmetic cotton is good to use thin or thick good, in fact, the choice of cotton 3 kinds. One is made of pure cotton, which absorbs water well but is prone to shedding. There is a non-woven fabric, will not lose hair, but poor water absorption will not waste makeup. Still have is mixed model, pure cotton and non-woven photograph are united in union, suit discharge makeup more. The female had better suggest to buy this kind of combination when choosing, because it is the most suitable for the discharge of female makeup, because it will not be too bibulous appear bad effect.

The matters needing attention of cosmetic cotton

When choosing cosmetic cotton, we must be careful to choose what is suitable for our skin. Generally, women who often make up should use the cotton cotton that suits them. Also want to always have their own inherent, because the cosmetic cotton for women's skin or more gentle, for the female skin can play the best protective effect.

Cosmetic cotton is very important for the women who make up their own, and it is also an item that needs to be always in the bag. It doesn't matter if it's a little thicker or thinner when choosing, just look at what makeup you are. Also according to their preferences, some people just need to use thin, some people like to use thicker Oh.Read more at:hot pink formal dresses | grey formal dresses


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