What are the rules about dressing for ladies?

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Ladies' dresses are mainly divided into day dress, evening dress, wedding dress, cocktail dress and other categories according to the time and occasion. 

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One, day dress

Day dress is the formal dress for attending social activities in the daytime, such as the opening ceremony, banquet, wedding, garden, formal visit and other occasions. It does not resemble evening dress as standard rigorous, appear more casual, lively, romantic, with the performance of wearing good demeanor for the purpose. Like the appearance of a dignified, solemn suit can be used as day dress. Day dresses are usually elegant, dignified and reserved. They are usually made of wool, cotton, linen, silk or silk fabrics. Accessories should be chosen to match the style of the garment.

Two, evening dress

Evening dress is also called evening dress or evening dress, is the evening after 20:00 in the ritual activities to wear the formal dress, is also the highest class of women's dress, the most distinctive and can fully show the personality of the dress style. Evening dress originated from European dress customs, the first popular in the palace ladies wear, and later, through the continuous promotion and creation of designers, eventually evolved into a perfect dress for women to attend dance, concert, dinner, nightclub and other activities.

The form of evening dress has two kinds: one kind is the traditional evening dress, the form is low bust, show shoulder, show back, accept waist and close to the body long skirt, suit to wear in high-grade, the occasion that has a sense of security with; One is the modern evening dress, emphasizing the change of style and color, with bold and innovative sense of The Times.

1. Traditional evening wear

Traditional evening dress emphasizes the waist with feminine graceful and graceful more, exaggerated the weight feeling of the skirt under coxal, use the dress pattern of front bosom, show back, show arm more, in order to show the part of the shoulder, chest, arm of its body adequately, also leave the space that expresses for luxurant headgear. Often adopts the low neckline design, through the Mosaic, embroidery, collar fine fold, gorgeous lace, bow, rose decorative means to highlight the noble and elegant dress effect, give a person with the classical, orthodox dress impression. On fabrics use, to cater to night costly, warm atmosphere, choose silk of mercerized fabrics, flash satin, taffetas, gold and silver to interweave silk, chiffon, lace to wait for a few luxurant, noble material more, decorate with all sorts of embroidery, fold crepe, nail bead, edge, loop button wait for adornment. The fine sewing of the craft highlights the exquisite and luxurious sense of the evening dress.

Traditional evening dress pays attention to collocation, with elaborate hairstyle, delicate makeup, showy decorations, gloves, shoes, etc., show composed and beautiful classical tendency. Jewelry can choose pearl, sapphire, emerald, diamond and other high-quality accessories, but also if the toes are exposed, it must be synchronized with the facial, hand makeup to modify. Wearing evening dress also often collocation gorgeous, romantic, exquisite, elegant evening dress bag, it uses patent leather, soft leather, velvet, gold and silver filaments and other mixed materials, is to use inlay, embroider, make up and so on craft to make.

2. Modern evening wear

The evening dress of modern style is affected by all sorts of modern cultural trend of thought, artistic style and fashion in time, not excessively rigid in the restriction of stylization, pay attention to the simple and quick beautiful and novel changes of the style, have the characteristic of The Times and the breath of life extremely. Compared with traditional evening dress, modern evening dress is more comfortable, practical, economical and beautiful in shape. If the type of long skirt of type of suit suit, short jacket, inside and outside the combination of two even the reasonable colposition of trousers also makes evening dress dress.

Three, wedding dress

Marriage is an important matter in a person's life, in order to show its special significance, to express the marriage and its relatives and friends of the cheerful and blessing of the aspirations, people often have to hold a grand and warm ceremony to show celebration. In the whole wedding ceremony, the wedding dress is one of the essential dress content, involving the bride, groom, bridesmaid, best man and companion children wear types. And the wedding dress that the bride wears is all the most luxurious and beautiful dress form and nuptial window in marriage clothes, through its elegant fabric, style and delicate do for work, reflect the marriage person's fervorous and pure amour and the longing of a better life to the future, reflected the scale degree of nuptial ceremony. Wedding dress according to the style of the style, can be divided into western style wedding dress and Chinese style wedding dress.

1. Western-style wedding dress

Western-style wedding dress originated from European dress habits, in most western countries, people get married to the church to accept the priest or priest's prayer and blessing, the bride to wear white wedding dress to express sincerity and purity, and with hat, headdress, veil and holding flowers, to set off the beauty of the wedding dress. Bridesmaids wear related gowns to complement and match the bride's wedding gown. As a symbol of an angel, her companion wore a short white miniskirt.

Western-style wedding dress in the shape, color, fabrics also have some conventional provisions. The shape of the dress is mostly X-shaped fit dresses. The front piece of the upper body is equipped with princess line, and the back piece is daubed. The waist of the skirt is processed with multiple pleats, and the skirt sample can be in the form of overlapping. The collar, waist and hem of the dress can be added according to the design needs similar flower knot, lace decoration, to show the modeling of wedding dress, skirt to use nylon net, silk net, nylon cloth, gauze and other materials to do skirt support. The color is usually white, which symbolizes sincerity and purity. Fabrics generally used taffeta, crepe satin, silk, gauze, gauze and so on. Accessories are the cape (white wedding dress), white gloves, white satin heels, etc., the white cape can be made with embroidery, white silk satin and beads.

2. Chinese wedding dress

Wedding gown of Chinese style bride is given priority to with traditional short jacket long skirt or cheongsam, modelling is cultivate one's character more suitable body form, contain the style that Chinese style stands to get, loop button, have full-bodied Chinese traditional characteristic. Of cultivate one's character cut out the characteristic that combined western-style formal dress, can show the figure curve that shows a female charm, already have contemporary fashionable breath, have the eastern characteristic that contains elegant temperament again. The color is mainly red, which symbolizes jubilation, auspiciousness and happiness. Traditional auspicious patterns such as dragon and phoenix, peony, etc. are used on the pattern, showing the gorgeous and grand wedding dress, and the expectation and good wishes for the future life of the married person. Fabric uses silk, brocade or gauze to wait more. Commonly used embroidery, hand-painted, beaded sequins and other decorative techniques, to show or luxurious or elegant elegant style. Men usually wear Chinese uniforms that are not exactly the same as long robes and mandarin jackets. Like the maid of honor, companion child's dress also matching Chinese style dress accordingly.

4. Cocktail dress

Cocktail dress refers to a dress worn by a woman at a cocktail Party, semi-formal or formal occasion, which is intermediate between day dress and evening dress. Compared with the evening dress of luxurious air, cocktail party dress pays more attention to the relaxed of occasion, atmosphere, relatively simplified on the design, more elegant, reserved.

Cocktail dresses show some skin, but not as much as evening dresses. The skirt length is below the knee. Depending on fashion, you can choose from one-piece dress, two-piece or three-piece dress. The color is black, white, pink, gold and other colors, embellished with rhinestones, sequins and so on. Fabric uses natural real silk, brocade, synthetic fiber and a few new high-tech material more, plain color, the fabric that has shading and small decorative pattern also often is used. Jewelry is pearl necklace, ear stud or hanging type earring more, three strings of above is more formal occasion to use. The shoes that match with it are very decorative, slightly burnish feeling, more formal occasion can choose bright color, also can bare part of foot.


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