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The top hat is a type of hat favored by many women, which can enhance a woman's personal appearance if worn with the right clothes. The top hat on the head can highlight their own civilization and fashion, can let your beauty and intellectual temperament get the perfect embodiment. So what kind of clothes do you wear with a top hat?

1. Black wide-brimmed top hat + grey and white knit sweater jacket + white T-shirt + fine plaid high-waisted shorts

Fashion Index: ★★★★★ ★★

Tie-in see a bit: a suit is simple to cannot again simple white T shirt + modelling of fine case grain tall waist shorts, collocation goes up along with the sex the coat of sweater of the gray white needle that bear or bear to see again, although integral collocation is enough model, but also a little bit of window, but a black wide edge small top hat is built on the head, fashionable degree also shows subsequently promotion. Low-key black, the United States gets romantic elegance, it had been a cap not just, can be your integral modelling more add points a lot.

2, beige gentleman hat + white hollow embroidered shirt + jeans

Fashion Index: ★★★★★ ★★

Tie-in point: former girlhood member Jessica Jessica as chief designer of popular logo, now back to the airport every street snap must be amazing, the airport street photo example, she use white hollow out embroidered shirt with broken copper jeans, slightly transparent shirt, charming and sexy, self-contained integral collocation, the atmosphere and contracted. Add a neutral gentleman top hat on the head again, elegant lady style is full! A spring breeze swept over her face, making her beautiful hair flying under her hat a delightful sight.

3. Black woven top hat + hip-hop cartoon top + red shorts

Fashion Index: ★★★★ ★

Tie-in point of interest: the element of bold color and cartoon may be said to be a big characteristic of hip-hop street wind, hot summer needs comfortable enough strong dress up namely. A cartoon black hip-hop top is hip-hop chic. Pair it with bright red shorts to show off your petite figure. Of course, a black braid small top hat but the dot eyeball that whole dresses up makes oh, leisure, nifty in showing a natural sex appeal again.Read more at:formal dresses online | formal dresses sydney


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