Take indoor wedding photos and instructions for preparation


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For many people who are busy with work and don't have time for travel photography or prefer quiet scenes, indoor is the best choice. Most people may have the impression that indoor wedding is relatively simple shooting, but in fact, indoor wedding photography shooting also has a lot of noteworthy places. So let's prepare for the indoor wedding photo shoot in advance today!

First, take indoor wedding photos attention

1, take wedding photo theme choice

Wedding dress according to the main body for choice have a lot of: campus wind, ancient dress wind, aristocratic wind. The styles are also diverse: quiet, playful, and Sen style.

2, take a wedding photo prop preparation

According to the style of your choice of wedding photos to prop collocation, some props are provided by the photography company, some props are needed for your own preparation or booking in the photography company, such as: flowers, sunglasses (general photography company will provide, but style is limited).

3, take wedding photos of the new state

When taking wedding photos, the status of the new couple is also very important. The status of the new couple on the day of taking wedding photos will not only affect the effect of the photos, but also affect the process of taking photos on that day.

Two, take indoor wedding photo preparation instructions

1. Keep your body shape one month before the wedding photos are taken, and often apply a facial mask for skin care.

2. Wash your hair the night before taking wedding photos, do not wear conditioner, and try not to affect the styling of your hair the next day.

3. Go to bed early the night before the wedding photo shoot to keep a good mental state.

4. Be sure to eat breakfast in the morning, because taking wedding photos is a very physical thing, and it is easy to get hungry.

5. Shave your armpits and beard before taking wedding photos. Trim your nails to keep them neat and clean.

The above is my summary of indoor wedding photos and instructions for preparation, do enough preparation to let you have a beautiful wedding photos shooting memories!

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