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Simple casual style is very popular with girls, because casual style is not only easier to match, but also very easy to learn. Catching up with the trend, casual pants is more routine, will give a person a comfortable and natural state. So for everyone to share the spring and summer season simple casual pants to wear, I hope you will like ~

01 spring and summer season casual pants simple wear simple atmosphere gray wide leg pants low-key connotation, wearing the body shows long legs, and spring and summer season simple wear is the most comfortable, gray wide leg pants matching is natural and comfortable.

A white blouse T-shirt to wear a girl's elegant expression, white and gray are neutral colors, is a lot of wear style in the essential. Of course to the contracted style of chunxia season, it is to have their own unique personality and style more, so is such contracted wind worn to take very simple?

Rice white straight pants are also very common in spring and summer season collocation, pants are more neutral style, more suitable for more everyday casual wind to wear. At the same time, it can also wear some elegant and intellectual style, which is in between the two styles.

Top with slim knitwear, through a simple style to wear a good appearance and figure, such wear can show the inner and outer girls, matching to the heart of the goddess to go.

White ice silk pants are very cool to wear on the body, especially suitable for wearing in summer, and ice silk pants can not only make us feel fresh in summer, but also match is relatively simple, easy to learn.

Just like this one, a simple black T-shirt and ice silk pants look simple and elegant. At the same time there is a handsome feeling, very casual style, simple colors, wear a girl fashion pretty appearance.

Jeans have long been an essential part of daily life, and the history of jeans has been very long. The combination of jeans and modern fashion elements has become a new fashion, many girls' wear style can not be separated from jeans.

Light blue jeans are also looser, casual and individualistic. Loose jacket of wide leg trousers is tie-in a simple T-shirt is the common wear in summer take style type, it is contracted most, it is also to be able to wear the temperament that gives oneself most.

Broken hole jeans also are more individual character, broken hole pants most appropriate in the summer, more cool and refreshing, and also be very wanton wear build, leisure more than, more their handsome.

A white recreational condole belt unlined upper garment of coat collocation, handsome in contain sex appeal, wear take very simple. This moment can consider the adorn article next little effort, tie-in more fashionable stripe bag or fashionable shoes, can let whole person look different than look for the same.

How can we wear shorts less in the spring and summer season? Shorts are very refreshing and comfortable, and they can be very fashionable and handsome. Neutral style shorts are also very suitable for matching couples!

Denim shorts are a high-waisted design, so wearing a short T-shirt on top will look more refreshing. And tall have temperament, the most contracted daily style to wear, the girl can quickly learn up.

Shorts are more casual, will let the whole person is in a more relaxed state, and this year is especially popular casual shorts. Pair the top with a loose black T-shirt, and the simple color is cool.

Simple casual pants to wear is the summer to wear the most common, look like casual, casual, but can highlight the connotation temperament of the girl himself. So, let oneself match simple a little casual is not bad at all!Read more at:grey formal dresses | royal blue formal dresses


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