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Backband skirt has the magic power that reverses time, for example, cowboy backband skirt, nifty vitality; Such as waist strap skirt, clever sweet; Another example is a knitted dress, warm and tranquil. All you have to do is know your temperament, choose a dress that matches it, and return to your girlhood.

No matter what kind of woman, will experience such a stage, trying to put all the mind into the fantasy, to draw the outline of a beautiful fairy tale world for themselves, the wind dancing skirt, is proof.

02 workwear strap skirt is straightforward, is any other single products can not match the simple, do not say anything else, the bone is permeated with an unworldly sincerity, as if it will never become smooth and sophisticated, angular.

03 With the growth of age, the heart began to miss more and more once fearless, may stumble, but the whole is happy atmosphere, just like the elastic large jeans strap skirt, can withstand the torment, withstand the tear.

04 do not think that only some contracted to the ultimate dress can interpret the idyllic wind of retreat, as long as you are willing, back skirt can also be, coupled with evenly spaced stripe assists, full of literary style.

05 gentle such as knitting belt skirt, also have their own unique personality, looks like a plain appearance, but never quit the trend of the stage, with this year's hot caramel color, can simply be called the pronoun of fashion.

06 restore ancient ways a bit some, can choose lattice back belt skirt, slant the coffee-colored grid of gray tone especially, times son has atmosphere, the breath of literature and art is permeated by inside and outside come out, do not mention to have lingering appeal much, casually can wear the elegant fan that gives extraordinary.

07 from the point of view of joker, straight tube back skirt is definitely a worthy of an entry of the choice, natural and unrestrained as if there is no burden, to the figure of the inclusive degree is very high, completely do not care about the interpretation of the problem of incompetence, basic can control.

08 used to all kinds of clothes with pleated elements, strap skirt is the first time, do not know whether it is because of the black reason, inexplable kind of a glance can not see the bottom of the mystery, taste are followed by several levels.

09 good appearance is the same, interesting soul one million, like collision color back dress woman is the latter, of course, in the former identity also does not contradict, is an interesting soul with a good appearance, suitable for savor.Read more at: |


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