Long skirt graceful send spring to go to a summer feast

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As the summer solstice approached, the warmth of the southern town gradually increased its strength. Although the dress had never quit the stage of dressing up, it became more and more important at this time. Skirt graceful send a spring to return, go to the feast of a summer, the skirt that nourishes an eye adds you of nourishing an eye, just be summer opens means correctly.

01 cotton and hemp is the fabric that summer likes, although unlike the chiffon so connect and elegant, also not as noble as real silk, but the excellent air permeability performance also decided its irreplaceable. The delicate embroidery and the simple sleeveless overlay the slender and graceful arms, and the warm and soft colors make people full of imagination.

Long skirts are not just for tall people. Short people can wear them to look elegant and, more importantly, to look tall. V-neckline accepts waist big place, French restore ancient ways wind needs a white shirt to be able to match a lasting appeal only, the administrative level feeling of suspender belt skirt is extraordinary all the time.

03 mesh and the combination of embroidery, in the big put the temptation of the skirt appears to be fairy fluttering, seemingly slightly exaggerated, actually beautiful and natural. The condole belt skirt of one word shoulder, sex appeal and pure and fresh mutual crisscross, of flounce join more foil gives thin benefit, summer cool and refreshing not hard seek.

04 fairy full color is pure white, pure white has a lot of possibilities in the world of dressing up. The delicate lace, elegant mesh, transparent with graceful, let a person find something new and new, the least eye-catching color but had enough eye-catching capital, the magic of long skirt more can not be missed.

Quiet lady temperament is now difficult to find, the development of society, so that strong women become a normal. But what woman does not have a gentle corner in her heart? Put on the light blue dress, let the gentle flounces winding out of the low-key gentle tenderness.

Enough length to give a dress a confidence that no one else has. If coupled with a gorgeous print, it is even more outstanding, with black as the bottom shows a kind of confidence. The full impact ability on the vision gets enough attention, although do not have small white skirt in that way pretty, but also enough give color.

7 big place long skirt must be tall ability to wear elegant temperament among them, but the requirement of long skirt that wrap buttock seems to have affinity more. The proper use of pleated elements, coupled with irregular waist way, so graceful is not difficult, a little more perfect color collision.

08 There is also a long dress for sexy objects. Although the daily appearance rate is not high, but absolutely have to control the important occasions of the gas field. The sex appeal of condole belt and the sweet collision of cake skirt are balanced by color and lace each other, presenting a kind of having a unique style just right.Read more at:white formal dresses | grey formal dresses


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