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The hall into the kitchen be good woman, met a good dress can easily hold all kinds of occasions and interlinked pity, maybe it is a kind of style hasn't been tried, but at first glance think coincides with his own temperament, it is not too big or exaggerated, in the past, present and future time, there is a position in a piece of classic style with a unique design, As self and proud to bloom.

01 this season's red ceremony is not without its figure -- the little red dress, simple A-word short skirt beautiful retro, the front is rigorous, noble and exquisite and lovely, the back is exposed to break the constraint to let the free release of beauty and passion, the three-dimensional big bow will be elegant bloom to the peak, the beauty of the inside is not too much.

02 Classical style of overlapping V-neck sexy and charming, sleeveless skirt skillfully reveals the round shoulder, elegant bow on the side, confident and unique, every detail is comfortable, free and clever slim, relaxed and charming, formal or daily wear can make the domineering side dew goddess style full.

03 Lengyannoble little black dress is a classic dress, safe and low-key infatuations irreplaceable, a word collar, three-dimensional tailoring exquisite slim, silhouette release three-dimensional slim curve, highlight the full retro elegance, bright accessories it can be a hundred enemy into a variety of styles.

04 bright red bring the sunshine of the bright mood, special tone is silent in the style, hanging neck exposed shoulder is an excellent way to show the modern temperament, a close a bone feeling beautiful, make the neck arm more slender, implicit sexy, holiday, party how little got its figure?

05 embroidery flowers only beautiful luxury, white crystal green branch simple and elegant pure and fresh, like blooming continuously faint scent, shape and spirit both quite big brand fan. Twisting waist drooping skirt will elongate the body and show the height and thin, is the fresh goddess fan can be prepared for daily classic, the best choice of solemn and elegant banquet.

06 white as ice and snow transparent, red like flame flourishing, black if eyes deep, pure and bright but has a powerful inner strength beyond imagination. The clean and pure monochrome dress is easy to wear and match the four seasons. The fit cutting and subtle folds of the waist are molded, and the style is complete enough with no less than a piece of lotus skirt and cuffs. The soft appearance is confident enough and strong heart.

07 colorful route to meet different occasions and psychology, lace is not out of fashion classic elements, used in the dress natural because of its exquisite dream and brilliant, simple and refined slim tailoring, before and after the double V collar as if the mark of victory, purple natural dignity does not need to emphasize has been flowing elegant.

When the euro is supplied parts of lady qiao socialite small skirt, pink is the color of lining skin, youth dream sweet, a girl pretty, luca brasi's killer too much, nifty stereo don't bow in the waist, V collar to have next door has a female beginning grow out, honeycomb natural crisp feel fine gauze fabrics, full details of beauty.

09 charming violet or noble champagne bright silk ornament, blooming charming dazzle light, so that the little black dress has a low-key luxury connotation and light shining reason, lace small standing collar and bubble sleeve simple shaping, light ripe and generous in no lack of romantic and lovely, breathable chiffon slim clipping outline the curve, matching high-heeled shoes jewelry noble filling.

The last one is more like an unsolved problem, which makes beauty more free and gives more challenges and brand-new possibilities with all kinds of changes and unknowns. The knitted fabric is comfortable and close to the body, the draping plastic shape is beautiful, the dress is born with grace, pure and pure, pure and concise, and the aura is strong.Read more at:formal dresses | black evening dresses


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