In summer, the classic jeans are durable

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There are two reasons why a classic piece is called a classic. The first is that it can ensure that it is not out of fashion. No matter how The Times change, no matter how the fashion standard is defined, a classic piece will always be a classic when worn out.

Second, classic things do not have too many twists and turns, there is no specific style boundary, can easily integrate into a variety of environments can easily interpret a variety of styles.

Classic jeans are one of the few classic pieces, but with the development and progress of jeans in recent years, many people have forgotten what the original jeans look like!

But never mind, today we will trace its history!

First of all, from the perspective of color, the classic jeans don't have too much color display, the most basic is to make the bleached color of the old jeans.

The near-white color makes the whole look light and understated, which is exactly what jeans were meant to be, understated but not overlooked, since they became a mainstream style in the era of moms.

Classic jeans tend to come in a single color, so to stand out from the crowd, you have to fight it out with your top.

For a low-key look, pair a tailored T-shirt with a blazer and jeans.

Like the schoolgirl of Italian amorous feelings, can choose sheet of one word shoulder to taste with jeans tie-in.

And the girl that likes light ripe sexy wind, can choose deep U to get bodice or low to get condole belt to match with it.

After talking about the colors and matching tops of classic jeans, let's talk about what makes a jean look classic.

The first requirement is the width of the legs. In order to meet the needs of girls of different body shapes, the classic jeans are not too tight jeans, nor too baggy wide-leg pants, but the most versatile and inclusive slim straight pants.

The second condition is the design of the waist. When the classic jeans are designed in the waist, there are no special skills. There is no folding design of the double waist in order to improve the waist line, and there is no version design of the side hollow in order to show the small waist.

If you don't want to miss out on your waistline, it's also important to avoid the tight jeans, as these jeans are very childlike and tacky on the top.

Next, let's talk about the length of the pant leg. Classic jeans can not only interpret different styles with the change of top style, but also take advantage of the classic nine minute pants to increase the length of the slimming.

It doesn't matter if you're a 158-inch petite or a 170-inch supermodel, these classic crotch-free jeans are a perfect way to keep things basic and neat, whether you're going to work or school.

It's also important to note that the classic jeans didn't put much thought into the leg design, as they were different from the slits and holes of today's jeans or the right-angled RIPS of today's jeans.

Classic jeans tend to have holes with rough edges, and the holes are more subtle, no more than half the thigh and no more than the knee.

At the end of the article, we will summarize the characteristics of the classic jeans to make it easier for you to distinguish them.

Color in addition to water wash blue other easy not to choose, the version of the best choice of slim straight jeans style design, broken position is not easy to be too close to the thigh root is not easy to appear in the back of the jeans.

If your jeans meet two-thirds of the requirements, you'll definitely be able to wear them out of the house without losing face.

Another small Easter egg is that if the weather is hot, you can also choose denim shorts to play classic jeans, details see the content ~Read more at:formal dresses | formal dress shops in brisbane


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