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In the cold winter a lot of people especially like to wear fur of sports shoes, it looks very fashionable, and keep warm function is also very good, but we all know this kind of shoes easily stick hair, is not easy to clean, so for some people feel very trouble, actually this kind of shoes also has some good cleaning method, just a lot of people don't know, let's look at some of the us to introduce you to. 

First of all, we need to prepare a cleaning kit, a dry square, a tube of ordinary toothpaste, a discarded toothbrush. Actually, not necessary so professional, must use what turn over fur cleaner, still have what professional to clear brush, with respect to these common daily things OK, our home is not to open a shoe shop again, do so professional to who see!

Short fur is the easiest to take care of. It's easy to get trampled on when you commute to work, and it's normal to sprinkle alcohol on your shoes when you're out playing or partying with friends. Don't take care of it at that time, after going home, wet the square towel, don't be too wet, half dry and half wet best, because turn over fur afraid of water. The dirty place, wipe clean with damp towel directly, sole side, also wipe back and forth with wet towel a few times, then put the shoes in a certain corner of the balcony, ventilated air dry. This is the most simple daily care, for some common fur stains are very suitable.

Let's take a look at how to clean up some of the more troublesome stains. For dripping oil stains this thing is really very troublesome, squeeze a little toothpaste on the old toothbrush, and then dip some water, must not be too much water, and then drip oil stains on the sports shoes, gently brush back and forth, brush several times more, to ensure that the oil stains are completely cleaned up. After brushing evenly, then use a wet towel to wipe, this time the towel can be moist, because you have to wipe the toothpaste clean, otherwise dry, turn over the fur will have a piece of white, wipe several times, wipe clean.

In fact, turn fur sports shoes are not as difficult as the legend, this kind of shoes we do not need to clean up once a week or a month every day can be cleaned, there is also do not wait for the shoes are particularly dirty, their own care.Read more at:australian formal dresses | formal dress shops sydney


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