For middle-aged women, don't wear any of these three colors

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For middle-aged women, don't wear any of these three colors

After the age of 45, if a woman is only blindly pursuing fashion, it will seem a little powerless;

Very not easy to find suitable for their own, and they also like the style, but because of the color of the cause and "look at clothes frustrated", even said that "suitable for middle-aged women's color, has not much"!

Is that right? Of course the answer is no!

In today's article, Xiaobian will share with you two key points of color selection:

One, middle - aged woman's lightning protection area

Second, the middle-aged woman's close color system

We after 45 years old, want to feel out the law that choose color among them only, find out the close color that suits oneself is, although do not have skin white appearance beautiful appearance, also can wear a little girl people "makeup" the mature charm that does not come out.

The first, middle - aged woman wear take lightning protection color area

Middle-aged women wear lightning protection area contains the following three colors: 1, bright pink; 2. Fluorescent green; 3, bright orange and other high light "bright" color!

1. Bright pink

Bright pink is also known as "death Barbie pink". This color as girls, when is really a delicate, water and spirit of the color, the face of the collagen of the powder of the color set off more call charming but person!

Yao Chen wore a pink strapless pink dress without temperament, looks a little russet, was easily crushed by the left Ma Li, when is really a typical "act young failure"!

2. Fluorescent green

Into the middle age of us, because of physiological reasons, will lead to the general yellow skin color dim. At this time, you also want to use extremely bright fluorescent green to set off our sallow skin tone?

So, if you are not a woman with very fair skin and delicate skin, Xiaobian still suggests that you should stay away from fluorescent green, away from the yellow, pale skin of the contrast board!

3. Bright orange

Very high saturation of bright orange, can be said to be very easy to attract people's eyes. If you have a darker complexion, don't go for it.

Zhou Xun's skin color is not very white, but the choice of a bright orange dress, it will appear very black, the overall appearance of a relatively old both as a feeling. Therefore, even stars are not easy to control the bright orange, you want to try?

Second, the middle-aged woman's close color system

Said the middle - aged woman's lightning protection color, below, we will have a look to suit our close color!

1. Dirty pink

We said earlier that middle-aged women should avoid bright pink clothing. But just take the shade down and add the right amount of grey, white and so on, and it turns into a dirty pink that is particularly suitable for middle-aged women.

This kind of color looks saturation from the vision is not high, feel with the mature temperament of middle aged woman agrees very. We can make it to give priority to tonal collocation, neither act young failure, still can make whole look fashionable not frivolous, high order feeling is dye-in!

2. Mint green

In the same way, we can also change fluorescent green into mint green. Simple and simple combination will help you stay cool and aging in the hot summer!

The beauty wore a mint-green knit with a short round neck, with the hollowed-out design on the front and the floral hem at the neckline adding a French touch. Lower body tie-in a fresh flower skirt, elegant do not break fresh and romantic feeling.

3, apricot

Aapricot, having joker do not pick the attribute of the person, this kind of color and shirt design mutual fusion, middle-aged woman is worn, can have "reflective plate" effect, the whiteness that sets off our skin color is moving. Say so, when you really do not know how to choose when, apricot will become you optimal "assist", upgrade for your temperament!Read more at:Formaldress au | long formal dresses


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