Fashion Stars Who Deserve All the Praise


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Hollywood is obsessed with immortalizing fashion icons on screen. Just think of the upcoming Marilyn Monroe biopic, Blonde: In the trailer, Ana de Armas seamlessly transforms into the famous movie star, thanks to her bleach blonde hair and figure-hugging dresses. It’s easy to understand why Hollywood is so infatuated with stars of this stature. Their signature fashion looks easily allow an actor to transform into the character, and the costuming reminds us why we all fell in love with them in the first place. But celebrities don’t all need to be Marilyn or Amy Winehouse to be deemed truly stylish. In fact, Vogue is taking a look back on some underrated style stars who deserve just as much praise.

What makes such an icon, you ask? That would be someone who’s not only cultivated a signature fashion look and stuck to it over the years, but also someone who has never made their outfits feel stale or too repetitive in the process. Think of singers like Buffy Sainte-Marie, the Oscar-winning Indigenous singer who has consistently taken to the stage in her flared denim, beaded jewelry, and killer moto jackets; Or Lisa Bonet, whose groovy caftans and floral maxi dresses are always in a league of their own.

There’s also been more minimal celebrities who have proven that a good outfit can whisper—not scream. Take Courteney Cox: Though Jennifer Aniston’s Rachel Green is known as the fashionista from the Friends crew, Cox has consistently struck a polished note off-screen in her cardi sweaters, boxy suits, and sleek slip dresses. On the menswear front, Wesley Snipes has regularly delivered a bold ensemble on the carpet too (this year, he even pulled off Bermuda shorts at the Oscars). While these celebrities may not be known as household names when it comes to personal style and setting trends, they’ve already earned the fashion icon status in our eyes. Their outfits just keep getting better year after year—and always feel 100 percent them.Read more at:long formal dresses australia | red formal dresses


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