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Spring is gone, shallow summer Yingying, it is the season to wear a small skirt. The wind of early summer is warm, can take off bottom socks finally, let lightsome skirt place flapping with the wind.

The elegant woman of 30 years old +, those who suit most is skirt of the knee half body, can decorate leg already model, intellectuality is decent again.

Today, the micro sauce will give you some early summer dress to share the collection, as well as how to wear a thin temperament of light cooked wind, I hope you also have inspiration and help.

Train of thought one: start from the color collocation of the skirt

(1) blue

The feeling that summer begins is light, pure and fresh and clean, have soft color, also have jumping match color, for example blue department. Blue skirt lets a person think of the sea, be like the seaside wind brushed gently, relaxed and relaxed, so what coat can blue skirt match? Collocation for reference:

Left graph: skirt of pale blue half body + citric yellow jacket, resemble the fruit of early summer same water tender live spirit.

Middle photo: blue skirt + white T - shirt, blue and white combination is clean, simple, classic and durable.

Right graph: blue half skirt + blue cardigan, of different depth with color department collocation is unified tender. ▼

(2) of green

The color of summer is eyeful green, raise a head to come, sunshine passes through emerald green leaf, was full of infinite vigor and vitality, so green also is the match color theme of summer, the green broken flower skirt in the wardrobe seeks out, casually take the fresh mood that goes on a trip namely. Color matching reference:

Green floral dress + simple white T-shirt (left);

Green floral skirt + light green thin sweater (right photo) ▼

(3) orange department

If spring is light light yellow, then summer yellow is a more leaping orange, like a sweet orange, a little more lovely, a little more enthusiasm. Don't know what to wear with an orange skirt? Go for a top in a basic color, like white, beige, or brown. ▼

(4) white fastens

If you can't find a colorful dress that reflects your mood, then wake up to summer with a pure white dress because the summer sun is slowly glowing, so incorporating white pieces into your outfit will soften the look and complement your skin tone.

A white dress can be worn with a blouse of any color, but if you want to be more airy, you can look for the same color in white all over. Pay attention to the changes in the material details between the pieces for a more textualized look. ▼

TRAIN OF THOUGHT TWO: WHAT "JACKET" DOES HALFSKirt BUILD? Create rich and good-looking light ripe temperament wind

① skirt + T-shirt

T-shirt is the main single product in summer, if the daily T-shirt with jeans is too casual, change to a high-waisted skirt, it will become tender in an instant, if it is the basic + basic, don't forget to touch the eye of the small accessories, such as metal necklace, small silk scarves and so on. ▼

② skirt + shirt

A skirt paired with a shirt is a good fit for summer work. If it's a "serious" lapel shirt, the skirt can balance the overall "professional sense", making the overall style not only commuting but also an elegant feminine flavor.

Emphasizing a high waist can make us look taller and slimmer by tucking a shirt/blouse into a skirt or adding a belt over a blouse. ▼

③ skirt + knitwear

Knitting is elegant woman all the year round indispensable sheet is tastes, and summer design can choose lightsome frivolous money, or it is the design that does not have sleeve. The softness that knit sheet tastes and elegant collocation of skirt are together, suit to make the summer that has a little sweet share very much light ripe wind is worn take. ▼

Slightly sauced sweater + skirt wearing demonstration:

One of the inspirations is that when wearing a skirt, use shallow heels to extend the leg line, it will be more crisp and show tall oh. ▼

Well, today's small summer dress collocation to share here, I hope to bring you inspiration and good mood.Read more at:formal dress shops sydney | formal dress shops brisbane


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