A simple white shirt, let you reduce your age


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40 years old is the most charming age in women’s lives. Women at this age, bid farewell to the sloppy and bloated aunt’s outfits, unlock the “simple, more advanced” dressing skills, find a style that suits you, and then Everyday casual clothes have a classic taste.

After the age of 40, we must say "NO" to the fancy costumes! Those exaggerated graphics and complicated designs will not only make you younger and youthful, but will give people a sense of vulgarity and procrastination. At this time, even if you choose a simple white shirt, you can wear a warm and mature sense of luxury.

Green fruit collar solid color shirt

After the age of 40, women should pay more attention to the presentation of temperament when wearing them. For example, a green fruit collar shirt can make you amazing at a glance! The neckline adopts a V-neck cross design, which highlights the graceful neck curve and has a full sense of Hong Kong style. With a black skirt, we can look refreshing and intellectual, and there is a sense of relaxation.

Lapel collar five-point sleeve shirt

For a long time, black and white matching is the most classic fashion color matching. The sharp contrast best reflects a person's different aura. The white shirt and the black floral skirt, the hem of the shirt is tucked into the waist of the skirt, adjusting the overall proportion, artificially creating long legs, especially suitable for small people.

Lace panel shirt

For 40-year-old mature women, you can try white shirts. Simple plain white shirts and lace stitching add a touch of feminine femininity to women, thus highlighting the elegant charm. Pair it with a red skirt to create a stunning charm. Wearing a pair of light-colored small high-heeled, looks super high-level personal temperament, it is worth learning from us!

Cotton white shirt

In fact, after the age of 40, a woman can easily wear a girly look with the help of a hollow lace white shirt! The shirt worn by the beauties has a silky luster and silky feel, and the fusion of the lace stitching on the front and back makes her more gentle and makes her whole person more attractive. With metal necklaces and other accessories, it can highlight the charm of women.

Crew neck pleated pullover shirt

The cream-colored white shirt is matched, and the lotus root pink half skirt is full of intellectual wind. The slit design on the back of the skirt is very eye-catching. The round neckline reveals a little neck, which will be more refreshing in summer. The shoes choose high-heel sandals of the same color, which are in harmony with the color of the clothing, and they are very beautiful.

Single-breasted short-sleeved shirt

For a 40-year-old woman, the classic wave dot elements will bring you extremely colorful visual effects. The simple white shirt and a retro yellow polka-dot skirt show a full French style, giving people a pleasing beauty.

Short sleeve shirt

If you are a restrained, low-key and feminine girl, then a paper straight skirt can best reflect your elegant temperament. Moreover, this kind of outfit is very suitable for a pear-shaped body with a thin upper body and a fat lower body. The simple colors and styles create a completely different intellectual feminine style. With a pair of high heels, it is even more aura.Read more at:womens formal dresses | sydney formal dresses


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